miércoles, agosto 17, 2011

Avatar Roku in New Orleans

Only for Avatar fans / Solo para los fanaticos de Avatar.

This are a few things that you should know about me.

- I love to dance
- I cannot lie.
- I am an ART fan.
- I reject Snobism
- I belong to the 70's or to the future.
- I'm proud of my sense of humor


I am a BIG, HUGE fan of only one thing in the whole world... well maybe three, well four or five.

The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, George Carlin, Nikola Tesla... and

Avatar, the Nickelodeon Animated Series.
I'm thinking of leaving my kids (in case of a disgrace) to the creators of this amazing serial.

So I was walking the streets of New Orleans and founded Avatar Roku, hiding behind the name of St Jude.

here's Avatar Roku on the  Avatar series.


this is Avatar Roku as St Jude in New Orleans

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1 comentario:

Amber dijo...

This is a cute post! I also don't lie, and am very proud of my sense of humor!