jueves, agosto 23, 2012

Strange Days, Hiden Messages, Conspiracy Theories, New World Order.

My daughter is worried about the End of The World. It seems she has been  listening to friends talk about the subject.
I used to worry too and then, suddenly, I decided it was just dumb to be pre-occupied for something so out of my hands.
In any case I'm still a fan of anything related with conspiracy theories, hidden messages, treasure maps, prophecies... (I'm a lonely mom).
and look what I found... I almost follow this guy... but I was with three children in a Mini Van, so maybe that was going to be a silly decision.
I need to decipher this. HELP!...
and one of my favorite songs.

miércoles, abril 18, 2012

Hey is Thursday... Boat Names.

jueves, febrero 23, 2012

On Call

Working as a Substitute Teacher makes me feel as a doctor... a medical doctor. Substitute teachers work on call, sometimes the schools call  the day before, sometimes the same day early in the morning. You have to be always ready to stop whatever you are doing and just go and save the day. If you are decided to be a Substitute Teacher you will have to manage the stress of working "On Call". 
I particularly love it!
And a Funny Boat Name to go with it.

miércoles, febrero 22, 2012


I said that I was going to write by themes, I assigned specific days to those themes, I had tens of ideas, I planned for those ideas.

Then "The Universal Energy" or whatever, took me in its hands and my "Take" as a Substitute Teacher started and... I am loving it!

This was the last street fashion picture that I took. Two takes of one piece, the vest. One a model, the other an entrepreneur. "One and the other" with the most amazing charming attitude.

Take Two for me.
Two Takes for them.

martes, noviembre 08, 2011

Unexpected perfection / Perfección Inesperada

Perfection lies in the unexpected details, in finding special notes inside the big symphony.
The crossbody bag.
The Ray-Ban Aviators.
The leopard shoes.
A clean tattoo and a serene beauty.

La perfección se construye con detalles inesperados.
Bolso cruzado.
Zapatos de leopardo.
Un tatuaje limpio y una belleza serena.

The killer shoes. Los zapatos matadores

jueves, noviembre 03, 2011

Our Own Tea Party / El Partido del Te

It happens almost every night around 9:30 and 10:30 . We weight our options, choose our topics and meet in our private room.

Topics: Gossip about Family, The End of the World, The Price of Gold, Silver etc, How to Loose Weight, Our children Degrees of Perfection.... More Gossip... Where are we Going to Move. 

Private Room: The MASTER... bedroom.

and there you have it.... The Tea Party.

During the day... we turn Green.

Tazo Green Jasmin, Tazo Green Zen and my last discovery Yogi Green Tea Thriple Echinacea.

The universe speaks to me through this little bag.

This was its message for today.

Thanks The Universe!

If you are a Tea Partier these are the tools you need.

For heating the water...

For Brewing the Tea

miércoles, octubre 19, 2011

Restaurant Owners / Dueños de los Restaurantes

They are their own kind.
They have an special DNA.
They are a "society cliche"  like ballerinas, tennis instructors, flight attendants and pilots. All of them have the aura of their profession hanging on top of their heads.

That is why it was so refreshing to meet Bond, the co-owner of 2B Asian Bistro. Crazy hair, big smile, Ray Bans... did I say BIG SMILE?

Because Bond knows... if you're going to open an Asian "Bistro" in the heart of "La Pequeña Habana" Little Habana... you better put some Spice on that.

Bond, Owner 2B Asian Bistro. Little Habana, Miami