jueves, febrero 03, 2011

Have extra money, want a tight piece of Butt... then go ElliptiGO

the future has arrived... well... I'm just exaggerating...

Today I want to write about sports... new workouts... new fitness machines... about this weird bicycle.

Maybe it all has to do with the fact that my doctor just told me... that maybe... just maybe, I won't  be able to run... like I used to :(.

I know that it’s a just a maybe, i know that it’s very immature to assume as possible a mere "possibility", that the new trend is to deny any negative thoughts and focus only on the positive visualizations of the future.
But facing that fact... it is just a bit scary.

Okay here  is the ElliptiGo... and this is my neighbor... he is very fond of this vehicle... he let me ride without knowing me, he asked very kindly not to be on the pictures, that's why he is beheaded and a little blurry... just kidding, I'm just a bad photographer. 

Tag price $2.500... but you will look cool. What a thing!

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