miércoles, enero 19, 2011

Move over Helena...

I confess... but first, let me assure you, that I'm smart, cultured, with a fulfilled interior life... and that my house was clean... and my kids were too.

OK... now the confession... 

I watched the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes Awards 2011... and I watched them on E!

Please, Mr judge and people of the jury... be kind to me. I promise I will only watch the Oscars... and the Emmy's... you have to understand I was feeling lonely.... I wasn't myself.

and that other self... loved it, the dresses, the hair, the shoes... the body language.  

Down the Red Carpet there was an actress with whom I have a love and hate relationship... 

OK... now define RELATIONSHIP...

that lady would be Helena Bonham Carter. I love her movies... her craft... her husband's mind... but I'm not crazy about the real persona, and the fashion sense. She thinks she is so Cool wearing odd shoes to the Red Carpet... and she is just so lame. 

Let me tell you something Helena, before your Pink and Green shoes... there was a Perfect Model with Purple and Yellow... two years ago... and canary socks... and rainbow nails. 

You think you are the coolest... 
She is...

And you are not.
and canary socks...

and rainbow nails.

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Anónimo dijo...

pon los comentarios en los 2 idiomas para no perder la idea de lo que quieres transmitir.
la señora de la foto tiene una personalidad arroyadora, bien por ella!!! la edad definitivamente no la lleva uno en la parte fisica!