viernes, enero 14, 2011

Change of Paths... Cambio de Ruta

On December 24 I was cooking some sweet potatoes, my grandmother was working on the black beans, and my mom was doing laundry. It was going to take some 30 minutes to the potatoes to be ready, so I decided to take my two boys for a walk. We were at Beech Mountain, NC, living the dream of a White End of the Year. 

The boys got ready, I got ready and we start walking down the street. It was a cold, crispy, grey afternoon. After a few steps, my oldest one propose to go sledging dawn a little hill, next to the cabin. I said, YES LETS GO, and this was the turning point of the trip and my life for the next year.

I went down that little hill and dislocated my ankle, in a Subtalar kind of a dislocation. 

Now, I'm at home, with a CAM walker, going around in a very funny artifact... and crutches. I cannot drive... and truly... and don't know where I'm standing in my life path.  I'm just trying to take care of my kids in the best way I can, and just keep going... the only thing... it's that I'm not sure Where

by the way... my grandmother finished the Sweet Potatoes recipe... we ate it two days after and it was delicious.

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