jueves, enero 20, 2011

I heart H&M... Yo amo H&M

But this is just another of my platonic relation ships... the nearest H&M store is located just four hours away from my house... well maybe they know about my H&M weakness... maybe they are just SAVING me from bankruptcy... 

and on top of the ... 4 hours drive.. H&M is the only store in the world without Online Shopping... that is why I don't own any piece of cloth whith H&M as the maker.

how cool is that?

not cool at all!

the universe and the people from H&M, are saving my family from starvation. 

Thank you The Universe

I would be rocking this outfit... and $150 in debt.
Pero este es otro de mis amores platónicos.
El H&M mas cercano a mi casa esta a cuatro horas en carro. H&M es el único comerciante de ropa, del mundo, que no tiene sucursal en linea. Quizá ellos saben de mi debilidad y me están salvando de la bancarrota.

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