miércoles, junio 01, 2011

The Root of my Troubles / La Raiz de mis Problemas

I'v been highlighting my hair since I was 19. I was a blonde baby, toddler, kid and teenager. Then at some point, when I moved far  from my beach, my hair acquired a copper tone. My mom and my grandmother loved to see me blonde, so my mom paid for my first highlights. 

I looked great. I was 19, single, no kids (duh), dancing every night from Thursday to Sunday.

I enjoyed being "born blonde again" for years, even when the tone went from green to orange. I could play the "Dumb Blond" and the "Surprisingly Smart Blond". I had money to spend and time to kill.

Well, that was 14 year ago. Now I'm 34, married, three kids and suddenly noticing that every girl seems to want (wants to seem) to be a blonde. And I don't have the money, and the time, well time is money, so...

I'm telling you, something changed inside me. Now I want my real color back, and maybe discover, redesign the new Me.
The brunette me.

I think I'm going for this haircut. I have the need to reflect a part of me, that is no showing any more.

Look at me, I have neurotic, kind of 80's hair.

I will have short hair on one side, long hair in the other.
I think this is definitively my "Neurotic Period".

This is where I'm.
This is where I want to be.
(Thanks for the inspiration DoorSixteen)

Should I do it? Please vote yes or not. 

Me vengo haciendo rayitos, iluminaciones en el pelo, desde que tengo 19 anos. Creo que si sumo la cantidad de dinero que  he gastado en este aspecto de mi vida, podría dar el pago inicial de la casa mi sueños.
A los 19 tenia dinero y tiempo solo para mi. Podía estar sentada por tres horas en una silla de un salón de belleza, leyendo revistas y pensando en la nada. 
Ahora, bueno, ahora me considero dichosa si logro lavarme los dientes después de cada comida. Me duele gastarme el dinero y lo mas importante, me aburrí de pretender.
No quiero pretender ser rubia.
No quiero pretender ser lo que no soy. 

En la foto de arriba ven como estoy. Y en la de abajo ven como me gustaría estar. Me encanto el corte de DoorSixteen, pero necesito un empujoncito.

Me lo corto SI o NO?

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3 comentarios:

yanko dijo...

SI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Claro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annia B Lavastida dijo...

siiiiii!!!!! yo lo hice hace 3 semana y se siente liberador!!

Deborah dijo...

me lo corto en Austin... no se si en Miami exista la tijera pa esto.