lunes, marzo 07, 2011

Saturday Morning in South Beach

Saturdays are sacred for our family. We like to have breakfast watching The Colbert Report online. We have our eggs, our stinky cheese, some jam, sour dough toasts, and pleeenty of coffee or tea. This "Ceremony of the Breakfast" ends around eleven, and then we are to sleepy and too full to do anything else, so we just hang around the house, talking, cooking, talking and cooking. Some light cleaning might be involved, but it is promptly discourage. We don’t follow any religion, but we have our own Sabbath for sure.
So this Saturday was different, my husband had an appointment at the Apple Store at 9.00 A.M and the Apple Store happens to be in Lincoln Road (the heart of South Beach). So we packed the kids, cleaned the eyes boogers, didn't take a shower and rode to Lincoln Road.
The sky was MIAMI BLUE, blue, extra blue. The people were MIAMI  mix of weird, cool and plain and breakfast was MIAMI expensive. But we had good family fun.
I lent my camera to the kids and this is what they registered.

A Big Hug to everyone out there.  Have a Happy week.

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