martes, marzo 01, 2011

My Magazine Roll / Revistas que leo

Everyone that has the pleasure to really know me, knows about my only Vice, mi único vicio... OK I'm not going to talk about my physical laziness (that's my only Deadly Sin), I'm going to talk about my LOVE, my DESIRE, my SUCKNESS for...


Right now magazines are the only thing that I lay my eyes on. Confessing to this would be like confessing that my diet was based on candy... good candy, but candy after all.

I start drooling when I am in front of magazines, I tremble with excitement... and I'm sure that my pupils dilate... so, yes, this is a vice!

Right now, I'm subscribed to:

The New Yorker

It comes weekly, every Friday... at around four in the afternoon. My husband usually picks the mail up, so he is the enabler of my Friday night's catatonic state. 
You don't have to go to college, you can skip hours of lame and pointless conversation only to pick-up (maybe) one good point; and you can laugh like a idiot only by reading this wonderful little magazine.

I can spend hours minutes with the kids analyzing the covers.

In Style

Monthly, Fun, HUGE issues. Great colors. Sometimes can get really boring. I'm just waiting for the subscription to end. 

Travel and Leisure

Monthly. It was a freebie from American Express. A really Bad Magazine. Bad pictures, bad writing, bad graphics. Or maybe I'm not their target.

Rolling Stone

Monthly. It was a freebie from Amex too. The political articles are great. The underestimating of the Youth is really horrible. 

Ocean Drive

Miami's Magazine. Pretty gross, but I enjoy it...shhshshsh!


Free, thanks to Amex. BAD, BAD, BAD.


Started ok, and then turned too Mexican for my taste; they still deliver good journalism. I collect them. 


Colombian Magazine. Great pictures and articles. I collect these too.

El Malpensante

Colombian literary magazine. Great. Collector's items.

And of Course

I'm the unbeaten  winner in being first finding the hidden bunny on the cover.

Olivia is one of my favorite illustrators. I'm waiting for my kids to be 13 to cover my guest bathroom with her drawings.

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