jueves, septiembre 15, 2011

House Crush Thursdays / Jueves de Casas

I've decided to dedicate Thursdays to my love for architecture, houses, structures, places... but mostly houses. I will produce all the pictures and I hope this is not a 'More than I can Take" kind of a task I'm imposing  myself.
There are so many beautiful houses in Miami, Mediterranean Revivals, Art Deco, Miami Modern (MIMO), Zen inspired (is that even an Style?. 
So I will do my best trying to expose and explain some Beauties... and maybe some Beasts!

He decidido dedicar los Jueves a mi amor por la arquitectura, las casas, los lugarcitos que descubro cada dia. Todas las fotos seran mias, nada de estar copiando del cyberspacio.
A pesar que Miami es una ciudad adolecente, siempre logra sorprenderme y alegrarme con casitas o mansiones, esquinitas o masivos edificios, detallitos sutiles o lujo desbordante. Asi que tratare de expones esas bellezas que me encuentro... y quizas algunos horrores tambien.

Today's House is located in the French inspired neighborhood of Normandy, in Miami Beach. I believe they call this house the "Reef House". I grew up in a little Cuban Village, where millionaires from around the world build mansions using this oolite limestone, extracted from the coral barrier that zigzag all around the Caribbean Sea. It is amazing how this material keeps a cool environment inside the houses. Sometimes it can gets too humid, but the air smells different (better) inside the houses build using this Coral Stone. And it looks soooo romantic!!!

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