lunes, junio 27, 2011

Road Trip / El viaje por carretera

Hey I'm back. 10 pounds heavier. 100 tons happier. Still confused.

The unexpected trip to New Orleans became an unexpected trip to Austin, Texas, with stops in Houston, San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Tallahassee and some lost place in Florida called Live Oak.

Please allow me to amuse you with some stories about this trip, so don't hang up, don't change the channel, don't walk away. 

Sunny Isles to Tallahassee
First Stop / 7h 45 / 474 mi

Average Speed 80 mi/h
Honda Odyssey 2005
5 passengers
3 suitcases, 2 pillows, 3 kick scooters

One of my favorites bloggers travels around the country posting pictures of the hotels where she stays. They are all great hotels.
But you know what? I'm going to write about the anonymous, lame, cookie cutter John Doe American Road Hotel.
This was our first night at the Carlson Hotel in two doubles, plus a Roll Away Bed.
10 hours sleep. Breakfast buffet with cereal, bananas and boiled eggs and Good Bye.

the lobby

the breakfast buffet
the room, the morning after

the hotel, leaving.

Hola ,ya estoy de vuelta. 10 libras mas gorda. 100 toneladas mas feliz.Todavia Confundida,
El inesperado viaje a New Orleans, se convirtio en un inesperado viaje a Austin, Texas, con paradas en Houston, San Antonio, Baton Rouge, Tallahassee y un lugar perdido en Florida llamado Live Oak.

Sunny Isles a Tallahassee Primera Parada
7 h 45 / 474 millas
Velocidad Promedio 80 mi/h
Honda Odissey 2005
5 pasajeros
3 maletas, 2 almohadas, 3 patinetas (carriolas)

Una de mis bloggeras preferidas recorre el pais y escribe sobre los hoteles en los que se hospeda. Son hoteles maravillosos, lujosos, famosos.
Pero yo decidi escribir sobre los hoteles donde YO me hospedo. Son hoteles anonimos, a la orilla de desoladas carreteras. El Pedrito Perez de los Hoteles.
Este es Carlson de Talahassee. Dormimos en dos camas dobles con uma camita adicional improvisada. Los ninos comieron cereal y huevo duro en el buffet del desayuno (incluido). Y nos despedimos de esta posada nocturna.
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